Hospital Diary

January 30, 1993 (Saturday)

Well, January is about to come to a close. It was fast, wasn’t it?

I’ve been really excited all morning. I even hummed to myself while watering the flowers.

I get to wash my hair~

The afternoon seemed so far away. I’ve been wiping down my body every day, but it’s been eight days since I’ve washed my hair.

My mother helped me out and scrubbed my head in the sink. Mmm… it really felt good.

Bending over forward was a bit of a challenge, but once you get through it, it’s not so bad. I shampooed my hair twice, then in when the rinse, gave it a blow-dry, and now it’s silky smooth. This is definitely how a young lady should be.

I opened the window in the afternoon and sat on my bed, in a daze, watching the outside world. The chilly air felt good.

Sachi and Neya came to visit. Neya, a member of the same troupe, was really interested in whether or not I’d be able to perform in April.

At dinner time, my best friends and the models behind the song “Talkative Girl Friends” (oshaberi gaaru furendo),1 Moro and Yukko stopped by. I was so happy, and they put me at ease. We talked about a lot of different things, and I laughed so hard I thought I’d rip open the wound. Yukko massaged my shoulders while Moro massaged my hands. Yukko’s a nurse by trade. Doctor Nagumo, who just stopped by for a second, asked if she’s “like to join this hospital,” and tried to recruit her. Hahaha!

The beds in the other hospital rooms have become empty recently. I wonder if  lot of people are being released from the hospital. Or maybe…

Speaking of, just the other day I saw a bed that was soaked with a red liquid. It was terrifying. I wonder what happened to the person in that bed.

I want to get out of here, right away.

But still, I’ll be a little sad to leave behind the doctors and nurses, and even the grandmotherly cleaning staff.

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  1. This is a song which was sung by Kotono Mitsuishi on her solo album, Birthday of the Sun