Hospital Diary

January 29, 1993 (Friday)

It’s been one week.

Yesterday, I got a call from Toru Furutani. I’m really sorry for worrying everyone so much.

Animage, the magazine, sent flowers. I guess the news has also made it into the anime magazines. This is absolutely dreadful.

Today, they removed the staple-like-things that were keeping the wound closed. They call it suture-removal, and wow does it hurt! Right now, the wound is being closed up with tape. What a world we live in – they cut you up and tape you back up together.

In addition to the staples, they cut several centimeters off the tube, too. It seems that when you try to fix up problems injuries inside the human body, all sorts of liquids come out, and they need to take that liquid out from my stomach. There’s another hole in my body, other than the wound from my surgery, about 1cm across where the tube sticks out. I guess it extends several centimeters into my body. Gah…

It’s like my guts are being pulled out. Just thinking about it makes me feel ill.

It hurt for awhile, and I was groaning from the pain. There’s got to be a nicer way of doing this, even if only slightly so, right?

I told the nurse that I wanted to wash my hair. I just had to give it a shot, and the doctor gave the okay.

All right, tomorrow I want you to bring some shampoo, rinse, and a hair dryer. Two portions of shampoo, okay? Lots of Orbis, like I usually use!

YAY! I’m really looking forward to it, I can feel like I’m on cloud nine. I just can’t wait for tomorrow.

It’s kinda strange to be so excited about something that you usually wouldn’t think twice about.