Hospital Diary

February 6, 1993 (Saturday)

I watched Sailor Moon. The next episode will be the first one without me. The next episode preview was drawn so beautifully. I really wanted to perform alongside Mika Doi, too…

My mother brought a huge book with her, titled “Gift Consultant.” I need to start writing letters and picking gifts out for everyone who came to visit me.

The doctor told me to be sure to wake up at 6am tomorrow.

Why this all of a sudden?

“I, uh, have plans after your checkup,”  he says.

Wh, what?? That must be nice!! I’d love to go. Take with with you! Please…!

But, it must be tough to see your patients first thing in the morning and then go out with your family.

According to the doctor, “getting married felt kinda like having to give up on something.” “I’m kinda old-fashioned, so I want my wife to not work and stay at home.”

Wow, that’s quite an ego.

And what about the status of those women who’ve worked hard in their careers?

This is something I’m dealing with, so I’m probably overly sensitive. I shouldn’t be like that.