Hospital Diary

January 25, 1993 (Monday)

Today, I’m writing in my diary as soon as I woke up.

I had a strange dream.

A bunny was crying out and I was comforting it. I was crying too.

The bunny was just so adorable, it was unbearable.

Breakfast didn’t come. I know it would just be liquid… but still, it didn’t come. I spaced out and waited for thirty minutes, but still no breakfast.

I pressed the call button. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, my breakfast hasn’t come…”

“Oh, you’re already eating again? I’ll be right back.” With that, she scampers off. Hey!

And then she’s back. “By ‘food,’ you mean liquid?” “Yes.” “Aah.” And she scampers off.

After waiting another five minutes, she finally came back.

Once again with those three plastic cups and a can of 100% tomato juice with zero additives.

As I figured, I guess they forgot about me.

Hospitals are a pain…

I moved to a private room under the power of my own two feet, but I was pretty nervous since it was the first time walking in three days. The pee tube was removed and I went to the bathroom on my own. Dragging the IV stand behind me, I rolled it into the bathroom attached to the room. Slowly but surely, I made my way in. I was a little lightheaded, but I managed to pull it off.


It seems so silly to be struggling this much over what’s usually an uneventful daily chore.

My brother’s girlfriend (now his wife) came to visit and brought me a magazine. Thanks!

Sachi, a member of the same a cappella group as me, stopped by. I think I still have a chance to make it in time for the performance in April, though my mother said that, as a mother, she feels like she should put a stop to it.

Actually, I understand how she feels. So much so that it hurts. But I really want to be on stage.

I heard from Sachi that an audition was held for Sailor Moon.

I wanted to perform in the last three episodes of the first arc. That’s your chance to really shine as a performer. Who have I become? I started thinking about a lot of things.

Aaaah! Thinking about it won’t do my any good.

Sachi told me that a few more members from the a cappella group will be coming, but I really don’t want to be seen like this by the boys. How a long to wash my hair!

All right, I’m gonna go to the beauty salon! I decided that as soon as I am released, I’m going to the beauty salon and I’m going to pretty myself up.

TA-DA! Finally, the last tube connected to my body, the IV, was removed and my body is no longer connected to anything. It feels so nice…