Answering Your Sailor Moon Questions

Did you know? Usagi is a 1337 computer haxx0r

Did you know? Usagi is a 1337 computer haxx0r

So, it’s the weekend and I’m bored. I usually try to not stray too far off the theme of this blog (i.e., answering one question about the Sailor Moon universe or the creative forces and inspirations behind it), but in the spirit of summer vacation, I figured it would be fun to look through the site logs and see what kind of search engine terms brought some of you here.

And if I can answer some of the questions while we’re at it, all the better!

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Today, Usagi turns… 40 years old??

No offense to any 40 year old readers

No offense to any 40 year old readers

That’s right, dear readers! According to the original story as told in the Sailor Moon manga and anime, Usagi would be turning 40 on June 30, 2017.1 Hard to believe that our favorite sailor-suited soldier of love and justice would now be entering her fourth decade of life, isn’t it? While we may know her as a young and energetic junior high school student, she would now have been out of school longer than she ever spent in school.

Due to all of the odd time traveling mechanics and the start of Crystal Tokyo, it’s a bit harder to say anything about ChibiUsa. However, assuming that – like we have to do with Usagi – ChibiUsa was born in a normal universe, she would be turning around 17 years old today.2

In honor of the two birthday girls, I’ve selected five articles each about Usagi and ChibiUsa that may be of interest to you. Articles are in no particular order.



If you have any questions or suggestions for future articles, I’d love to hear from you!

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