Hospital Diary

February 1, 1993 (Monday)

When I woke up, my view was filled with the giant doggy. We spaced out together and watched the steady snow fall outside. In these ten days since I was hospitalized, it seems like I’ve been able to get used to the slow and steady passage of time.  I hoped that the snow would pile up, but by the afternoon it was all gone.

They went easy on my during the sterilization this time. It hurt so bad yesterday! Thanks, doc.

Every Sunday, the head doctor makes his rounds. To be totally honest, his head is huge — puffed up like a balloon! Kinda like a Kewpie doll that grew up into an old man. Mom says he looks like a bulldog. According to Doctor Nagumo, the head doctor used to have a mustache and long hair. A bulldog with long hair? I get chills just thinking about it.

Oshida and Daimo came to visit, and Daimo cried when she saw me, saying “I just can’t stand thinking about you having to go through all this pain.” Thank you, it really cheered me up. She really is adorable. I’m sorry for causing you so much concern.