Moon, Star, Sun – Essays by Kotono Mitsuishi

Moon, Star, Sun

Moon, Star, Sun

[Translator’s Note: These essays have been translated as a piece of literature and to convey the meaning of Ms. Mitsuishi’s essays and are not literal translations. While I’ve made every effort to ensure their accuracy, some sentences may be rephrased for ease of readability or to make more sense to a native English speaker. If you have any questions, though, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!]

Here you can find the on-going English translations of the auto-biographical essays published by Kotono Mitsuishi (voice actress of Usagi of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, among many other popular roles) back in 1995 in her book titled “Moon, Star, Sun.” Translations will be posted in order and separated, generally, by section. Due to the huge amount of content in her first essay (regarding her hospitalization), it’s been split up by individual days as written in her diary.

Without further ado, I bring you:

Moon, Star, Sun

Foreword by Keiko Han

Hospital Diary:
Three Million, Twenty Four Thousand Seconds of the Real Kotono

[Hospital Diary] January 22 (Friday)

[Hospital Diary] January 23 (Saturday)

[Hospital Diary] January 24 (Sunday)

[Hospital Diary] January 25 (Monday)

[Hospital Diary] January 26 (Tuesday)

[Hospital Diary] January 27 (Wednesday)

[Hospital Diary] January 28 (Thursday)

[Hospital Diary] January 29 (Friday) ★ New! ★

[Hospital Diary] January 30 (Saturday) ★ New! ★

[Hospital Diary] January 31 (Sunday) ★ New! ★

[Hospital Diary] February 1 (Monday)

[Hospital Diary] February 2 (Tuesday)

[Hospital Diary] February 3 (Wednesday)

[Hospital Diary] February 4 (Thursday)

[Hospital Diary] February 5 (Friday)

[Hospital Diary] February 6 (Saturday)

[Hospital Diary] February 7 (Sunday)

[Hospital Diary] Those Five Weeks

[Hospital Diary] Yuki

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