Hospital Diary

January 23, 1993 (Saturday)

I wonder what time it is…? The doctor came and disinfected the wound and removed the tube from my nose. The feeling was absolutely horrible! What’s more, there was a blister forming on the tip of my nose. Just dreadful!

After rinsing my mouth and starting to feel a little better, my mother and Keiichi appeared, which helped me relax. I was so happy to see them. They were both wearing shower cap-like hats and face masks.

Hey, it actually looks pretty good on them.

I was moved from the intensive care room to shared room. Keiichi and my mother brought the flowers sent by my manager and arranged on the table all the flowerpots and tissues. Thank you Keiichi. Thank you mom.

Lights out. “Good night,” I’m told but HEY! WAITASEC! I can’t go to sleep this early. Our beds are separated by curtains, but the old lady I’m sharing a room with is watching TV, the light shining dimly in the dark, and I can hear the patter of footsteps as people run in the hallway. I can’t relax.

It’d not like I could move at all even if were asleep, which is becoming a problem. My butt has started to get sore. If I try to move to my side, it pulls at the wound. Right when I thought I had started to drift off, the nurse came in to check my blood pressure. After that was done with, the old lady’s snoring is off to a tragic start. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

And then, it happens.

“Wha.. wha… BURGLAR!!!!!!!!”

What’s that scream?! I’m surprised.

For some reason I try to suppress my breathing and stay quiet, but nothing happens. What was that about?? Must’ve been the old lady talking in her sleep. Some kind of talking she does in her sleep, yelling out like that! If they were to measure my blood pressure now, it’d be way higher than before, without a doubt.

I saw Sailor Moon as it aired, but it just made me sad. It’s really hard on me.