My First KiSS – Playing Dress Up With Digital Sailor Moon Dolls

A Sailor Moon KiSS

A Sailor Moon KiSS

When I did a quick poll of my peer group over whether they knew when KiSS dolls were, the answer was typically broken down into two distinct categories: an emphatic “OMIGAWD YES!!!” or a blank stare.

And really, it’s kinda to be expected. KiSS dolls are one of those many things about the early days of the anime fandom where you really had to have been there to get what was so awesome about it.

Be that as it may, I still think it’s worth taking the time to talk about these wonderful time capsules from the early anime community and, for those that are interested, I’ve even provided a few here on this site for you to play with.

I hope you stick around for this blast to the anime past!

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11 Questions on My Sailor Moon Favorites!

It's the weekend... don't ask

It’s the weekend… don’t ask

It’s been a bit of an insane week, so rather than doing the adult thing and spending my weekend actually getting work done, I thought it would be a good idea to answer a five-year-old Sailor Moon questionnaire I found online… and hopefully get to know some of you better through hearing your answers!

Let’s get this started!

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Weekend Wrap-up – Japanese Fans Look Back on Sailor Moon

The La Reconquista Inner Senshi cast join a karaoke collaboration event

The La Reconquista Inner Senshi cast join a karaoke collaboration event

It’s that time again, where I figure we should ramble about some other things generally Sailor Moon related but that don’t fall under the blog’s goal. It’s the weekend, so we’re allowed to do that, right?

Of course we are! No one ever died from not following the rules, right? Right.

Let your hair down, kick your feet up, and grab yourself a nice cup of cocoa. Today we’re talking about Japanese fans’ thoughts as they look back on their favorite childhood show.

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What is the SuperS Ending Song Rashiku Ikimasho Talking About?

We're Ikimasho-ing, in a Rashiku-manner

We’re Ikimasho-ing, in a Rashiku-manner

“La la la never give up, ganbaru wa!” – these truly are words to live by, and I don’t think any of our beloved sailor-suited girls of love and justice could have said it any better (absent the help of the musical genius of Stan Bush) in the second ending to the Sailor Moon SuperS anime, Rashiku Ikimasho.

But there’s a problem: when you stop and read through the lyrics, it doesn’t actually make a whole lot of sense.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the confusion surrounding this awesome song, and what makes the song so powerful. This may get a bit detailed, so be sure you’ve had a nice cup of coffee (or delicious Pop-Tart?) before we dive straight in!

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Sailor Moon Café 2017 Review

Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 @ Omotesando Box

Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 @ Omotesando Box

As I’m sure you’re probably aware (and if you’re not – surprise!), Sailor Moon cafes have opened up for a limited time online in four different cities across Japan – Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

The cafes all feature the same Sailor Moon-themed menu, offering up an impressive selection of 13 different foods, drinks, and desserts inspired by characters and items that appear in the show.

Thanks to the absolutely wonderful people over at Patreon who support Tuxedo Unmasked, I had an opportunity to go to the Sailor Moon Cafe to write up this review.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry. Let’s eat!

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Who is the Most Popular Sailor Moon Character Now?

There can only be one...!

There can only be one…!

One of the really interesting things about taking a look back at a series that goes back as far as Sailor Moon and yet has still maintained a significant level of popularity today is that, while the characters have stayed (mostly?) the same, society’s values have changed around them.

What that means is that some characters who spoke to a generation back in the 90s may have less to say now as we face different problems. And, of course, the reverse is true as well.

While I’ve already talked at length about the Sailor Soldiers’ (and even the villains!) popularity back in the 90s, today I’d like to talk about how that’s changed and where we stand today.

I hope you like numbers, ’cause it’s gonna be a number-crunching kind of day!

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Today, Usagi turns… 40 years old??

No offense to any 40 year old readers

No offense to any 40 year old readers

That’s right, dear readers! According to the original story as told in the Sailor Moon manga and anime, Usagi would be turning 40 on June 30, 2017.1 Hard to believe that our favorite sailor-suited soldier of love and justice would now be entering her fourth decade of life, isn’t it? While we may know her as a young and energetic junior high school student, she would now have been out of school longer than she ever spent in school.

Due to all of the odd time traveling mechanics and the start of Crystal Tokyo, it’s a bit harder to say anything about ChibiUsa. However, assuming that – like we have to do with Usagi – ChibiUsa was born in a normal universe, she would be turning around 17 years old today.2

In honor of the two birthday girls, I’ve selected five articles each about Usagi and ChibiUsa that may be of interest to you. Articles are in no particular order.



If you have any questions or suggestions for future articles, I’d love to hear from you!

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