Prism Power Book Kickstarter Now Live!

"Prism Power" now live on Kickstarter!

“Prism Power” now live on Kickstarter!

Update: 320% funded! (199 backers)

After months of preparation, I’m incredibly excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Prism Power: A Fan’s Guide to Sailor Moon is finally live!

Exclusive Kickstarter extras include:

Click here to check out the campaign! (ends TODAY, June 29)

In addition to outlining my plans for the book (content, style, and actual physical production), the Kickstarter page also offers a download link where you can find my review for episode 1 of the Sailor Moon anime. Rather than try to tell you what kind of book I have envisioned in my mind’s eye, I think it’s better to just show you what the (semi-finalized) end product is meant to look like, right?

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, I’d love to hear it!

As always, thank you to all the readers, commenters, and all the friends I’ve made through this blog over social media. None of this would be possible without all of you.

8 thoughts on “Prism Power Book Kickstarter Now Live!

  1. This is such a great idea! I was looking at the backer rewards; there doesn’t seem to be an option for multiple books. Is that something you’ve considered?

    I’ve already backed the project, but I would love to be able to back it and get additional copies for friends!

    • Thanks for the feedback! You’re absolutely right… I totally overlooked the idea of multiple books. Especially in the case of those who would want a paperback and hardcover.

      In the next update, I’ll be adding information on how to make that happen!

    • Thanks! The support really means a lot to me! ^^ I’m excited to finally get the book out, published, and (if I’m lucky) read by people!

      As for Tumblr, truth be told, I’m not a fan of the platform either. But if the “Did you Know…” trivia is what you’re looking for, I post that on Facebook and Twitter as well.

      As for Tuxedo Mask being a parody, that line comes from this 2013 interview. Him not being useful/reliable comes from another interview I translated in the past, found here.

      Honestly, I really like the character of Tuxedo Mask, and I guess I don’t see it as a bad thing. I don’t think he’s “useless,” but I think rather the point is that the story is about Usagi having a chance to shine, and about her inner strength. Mamoru, the knight saving the day, could undermine that image.

  2. Backed your project! I’m a sucker for books and Sailor Moon stuff. Unfortunately I am committing tsundoku with my shelves of unread books, lol. So much catching up to do!

    • That’s something I’ve gone back and forth on. Personally speaking, something I’ve always enjoyed about reading episode/movie/story reviews is seeing the person’s thoughts about it. So that at least explains why there’s the personal thoughts/impressions section included at the end.

      I’m still on the fence as to whether a score is necessary. It could probably go either way, but I suppose the good thing is that it appears at the end and people can easily ignore it…?
      The added benefit of a score is that it at least gives me a way to rank episodes, and it also provides added insight on the thoughts/impressions section.

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