Sailor Moon Trivia Quiz (Manga Edition)

Time to get down to studying!

Time to get down to studying!

Ever wanted to see how you stack up in terms of how much raw Sailor Moon trivia you’ve managed to commit to memory over your years as a dedicated Moonie?

Well, fortunately for you, now’s your chance! Today, you’re officially invited to take a stab at the this manga-focused Sailor Moon trivia quiz, with a selection of questions, chosen from across the seasons by me aimed to test your Sailor mettle.

Good luck, and be sure to share your results — not only is it a great way to challenge your friends, but I’d love to see how everyone does so I can adjust the difficulty for future quizzes going forward!

#1. What is Haruna Sakurada's nickname?

In the first act of the manga, Usagi explains that Haruna’s nickname is “Haruda” (a combination of her first and last names). You can read more about Haruna and her sisters here:

What Do We Know About Miss Haruna’s Family?

#2. Where is the Moon Castle located?

#3. Which of Motoki's friends did Mamoru replace?

Poor Endo made the grave mistake of having a name which sounded too similar to “Endymion,” and thus he had to get evaporated.

Read more about Mamoru’s brief time as Endo here:

What Book Was Mamoru / Endo Reading When He Was Possessed?

#4. What Juban Junior High class does Ami attend?

Usagi and Naru attend class 2-1, Ami attends class 2-5, and Makoto attends class 2-6.

Read more interesting facts about Ami here:

Could Ami Really Be Allergic to Love Letters?

#5. What club does Usagi plan to join in high school?

The Senshi say that they want to join the following clubs during the Dream arc of the manga:

  • Usagi: Manga Illustration Appreciation
  • Ami: Computers
  • Rei: Archery
  • Makoto: Cooking
  • Minako: Volleyball

#6. What is the name of Princess Venus' castle?

The names of the Sailor Princesses’ castles are:

  • Princess Mercury: Mariner
  • Princess Venus: Magellan
  • Princess Mars: Phobos Deimos
  • Princess Jupiter: Io
  • Princess Saturn: Titan
  • Princess Uranus: Miranda
  • Princess Neptune: Triton
  • Princess Pluto: Charon


#7. Which of these is one of Sailor Jupiter's attacks?

“Jupiter Thunderbolt” was a one-off attack she used against Nephrite upon her first appearance in the manga.

Read more about the nature of Jupiter’s attacks here:

What is Sailor Jupiter’s True Element – Lightning or Wood?

#8. What planet are Luna and Artemis from?

Luna and Artemis were born on the planet Mau before coming to the Moon to serve under Queen Serenity in the Moon Kingdom. Their planet was once home to Sailor Mau before she was killed and her Sailor Crystal was given to Sailor Tin Nyanko.

#9. In which month was NO Sailor Senshi born?

If we count Mamoru (August 3) as a “Senshi,” then November is the only month in which no Senshi was born.

  • February 8: Kou Yaten
  • April 17: Rei Hino
  • September 10: Ami Mizuno

Read more about the Sailor Senshi’s birthdays here:

#10. Which Sailor Crystal does Galaxia possess?

Sailor Galaxia possesses the “Saffer” crystal, also alternatively known in English translations as the “Sapphire Crystal” and sometimes “Suffer Crystal.”



Congratulations! You're a Moon Trivia Master!

Congratulations! You’re a Moon Trivia Master!

Congratulations, you truly are a Moon Trivia Master! You have gone above and beyond the call of duty in memorizing all there is to know about the Sailor Moon universe, and for that you deserve to be commended!

Go ahead and scroll on up to check explanations for each question to find out the how’s and why’s behind each of the questions.

Better luck next time!

Better luck next time!

No worries — we’ve all been there! You can either reload this page and try again (no peeking at the right answers!) or scroll on up to check explanations for each question to find out the how’s and why’s behind each of the questions.

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12 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Trivia Quiz (Manga Edition)

  1. I knew only 4 of them but I manage to get a 7/10 with sheer luck…
    I’d love to see an Anime Edition! (or even a PGSM, Sailor V or Sera Myu edition)

  2. I got all ten right! Though I had to dig deep in my memory for the Ami one, and it was still just a guess based on it sounding familiar.

    This was really fun and I’m more confident in my Sailor Moon trivia now.
    As long as it is in-universe lore and not based on the people who worked on it.

    As a fan of 23 years, I’ve done a lot of Sailor Moon reading/watching/studying and still, some of these were a bit tough!

    The first six were easy-peasy for me, but the Ami one was more luck and a hunch when I picked it.
    The Usagi one I had to think on since I couldn’t remember what she chose in the manga, but remembered she chose the correct option form Eternal.

    The last one was fortunate for me since I had JUST researched this not long ago to see if there was a Senshi born in each month and was surprised one month was skipped over, just barely!

  3. I did this a week or two after it was first posted, but forgot to mention my results. I got 8/10 (I missed the one about Ami’s class and the birthday month question, but I was 50/50 about the answer), so that feels pretty good. But I owe it to the fact that I started (re)reading the manga in order to have a refresher (or read the chapters I never got to when I was younger) before the Crystal movies came out, otherwise I probably would have done a bit worse.

    There are a lot of Sailor Moon trivia articles and quizzes out there, but most of them aren’t very challenging, go ahead and give us an even harder one next time. 😉 *evil laugh*

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