Was Naru Intended to Be a Bigger Part of Sailor Moon?

Usagi Tsukino and Naru Osaka – BFFs

Usagi Tsukino and Naru Osaka – BFFs

Naru Osaka is one of those secondary characters that is incredibly hard to pin down. At first glance she’s just one of many background characters – like Ms. Haruna SakuradaUsagi’s family, and many other members of the supporting case – but when you actually take time to look at the amount of work put into developing her character, you realize that quite a bit more work was put into her background than many others. So what do we actually know about Usagi’s best friend?

Naru? A Sailor Soldier?

Naru? A Sailor Soldier?

In addition to being the go-to victim for the various Youma, Cardians, and other monsters of the day, Naru is unique in that she’s the only non-Sailor Soldier to have her own birthday – January 1. This was considered to be such a significant point that at one time, early Sailor Moon fans considered Naru to be the next Sailor Soldier to be unveiled, possibly a then-unannounced Sailor Saturn.1

While it may seem ridiculous now to think that Nephrite’s one-time lover could be the latest Sailor Soldier to join the team, at the time the idea wasn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Up until then, the Sailor Soldiers were slowly joining the team in a bit of a random fashion – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and then Venus – so it wasn’t necessary obvious to fans in the beginning how many members there would ultimately be in the Sailor Team, nor in what order they would join.

By the end of the first season and moving into the Black Moon Arc / Sailor Moon R, Sailor Saturn would be the next logical choice. But what is it about Naru that would make her the likely candidate? Well, much like Hotaru who would come much later, Naru’s birthday also coincides with the Capricorn star sign, and thus the planet Saturn.2 There are other interesting fan theories regarding an early debut of a different Sailor Saturn than the one we ultimately ended up with, but that’s a story I’ll have to save for another time.

Putting aside for now Naru’s birthday and the possibility that she might have at one time been a candidate Sailor Soldier, there’s one other point about her that lends itself to suggesting that Ms. Osaka was supposed to be a more integral character: that’d be her name.

Wanna hear a secret...?

Wanna hear a secret…?

Okay, so it’s not too surprising that we’d go back to analyzing a character’s name in the Sailor Moon universe, but the fact that Naru never actually developed into something deeper – no offense – actually makes the analysis of her name all the more interesting.

The Osaka part of her name is the least interesting of the two and, as far as I can tell, is just a way to tie in the “Osa-P” reference for her mother’s shop while allowing Ms. Takeuchi to get in an in-joke at her editor Fumio “Osa-P / Osabu” Osano. But her first name is where it gets interesting.

Naru’s name doesn’t have any kanji associated with it, so it would be written simply as なる in Japanese. While you could try to match it to various kanji to give the name some meaning, none of them seem to really fit her character or make sense.3 But what if you read her name backwards? なる (na-ru) becomes るな (ru-na)… or, luna. Writing names backwards is a pretty common way of generating name puns in Japanese, though it’s much harder to see in English. The most popular example would probably be the オリマー (or-ri-ma; Olimar) / マリオ (ma-ri-o; Mario) connection in Nintendo’s Pikmin.4

Little Naru Playing Tennis With Rui

Little Naru Playing Tennis With Rui

Unfortunately, we can’t really say beyond a shadow of a doubt what Ms. Takeuchi and the anime staff had planned for Naru, but as one of the earliest characters developed for the series and with more background than many others supplemental cast, it certainly seems like she may have been intended to be more involved in Usagi’s misadventures than actually ended up happening.

As for whether the series would have been better or worse off that way, I’m not really sure. I think Naru’s character developed over time to be what we know her as today, so it’s hard to imagine her as anything other than Usagi’s friend and a supporter. Even if she wasn’t ever intended to be a Sailor Soldier, I’d still love to have seen her as someone a little more intimately tied to the plot! I guess we may never know, though…


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  • Moonchild3000

    Actually, there’s one interpretation of Naru’s name that does make sense. Remember her counterpart from Sailor V, Hikaru Sorano? Her name, though also written in hiragana, has a more obvious meaning to it (光る = to shine), so by that logic Naru’s name would be derived from 鳴る = to sound.

    Now, Hikaru *was* originally supposed to become one of the Sailor Senshi (Ami took her place in the actual story, after the main heroine switch), so imagining Naru as one isn’t as strange as it may seem…

    • I considered that before, but I’m not 100% sure about the most logical kanji for Naru (which is akin to the problem I had finding a proper kanji for Rei). While you’re right in that 鳴る is a decent candidate, that kanji is used almost explicitly for things like bird calls (chirping, tweeting, etc.) or for the sound of thunder. Basically, sounds emanating from nature.

      There are several other candidates, such as 成る, which means “to become,” such as “to become an adult” or “to become scared” (though this verb is usually written without kanji). Personally, I have a feeling this is more likely, though what it is that she is to become isn’t clear to me. Becoming Osaka??

      Another candidate kanji (though even more rarely used in this context) is 生る, which means “to bear fruit.” I think we can rule this one out.

      All in all, I still feel strongly that it’s possible Naru was originally considered as a possible future Sailor Soldier (though definitely not one of the original five), but her name definitely falls out of the common naming pattern!

  • Naru-chan looks so beautiful and pure (wavy hair, blue eyes, bows and gemstones). Also the whole damsels in distress role made me think that she might be Neo Queen Serenity. Couldn’t be more wrong ^^’ Thank you for this article. It’s good to share my interest in this character.

    • She really is a great character and friend to Usagi, especially in the first season, so it really makes me sad to see her kinda disappear as the series moved on. I especially loved the first few episodes of Sailor Moon where Usagi and Naru would just hang out, enter musical competitions, and even join gyms together.

      I really do wonder if there was more in mind for her character!

  • I always had the initial impression that they were originally planning to do more with Naru, but for whatever reason dropped it. It’s a pity either way.
    As much as I like the Usagi/Rei dynamic, I don’t think they should have demoted her like that. Especially since she’s known Usagi for longer.
    She could very easily have fitted in with the rest of the group. Having a non Senshi in on it would have been quite an interesting angle. The finale of Nephrite arc could have led into that.

  • Naru seemed strangely demoted from the series. She was Usagi’s best friend, then all of a sudden Usagi didn’t hang out with her anymore or wasn’t seen interacting with her at all.
    That’s a bit like Roxy, from Winx Club. A whole season was centered around her, she was even announced as the “seventh Winx fairy”. But she was suddenly downgraded to a mere supporting character the next season.
    Well, at least she never went full missing like Naru in Stars,

  • Now i need to know who could have been another “Sailor Saturn” according to fan theories! Please tell me, hahaha

  • What I really wonder about Naru is why DIC decided to give her that horridly thick Brooklyn accent when they did the English dub.

    • I’m confident that US cartoon companies had a huge book of offensive stereotypes… and tried to make sure they filled every one.

    • Well in the original she did speak with an osaka accent. They probably wanted to mirror that.

      • I guess I never really noticed… did she have a strong, noteworthy Osakan accent? At least in the manga I don’t really notice anything.

  • Well.. her name is OSAKA Naru so it makes sense

  • I remember as a kid I was like Woah a new Sailor has appeared how cool ! Especially when Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn appeared. I wouldn’t have liked Naru to be a Sailor Soldier though because she has such a boring character design. However it would have been amazing and more realistic had Naru and Umino remained a part of Usagi’s life until the last episode / chapter.

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