11 Questions on My Sailor Moon Favorites!

It's the weekend... don't ask

It’s the weekend… don’t ask

It’s been a bit of an insane week, so rather than doing the adult thing and spending my weekend actually getting work done, I thought it would be a good idea to answer a five-year-old Sailor Moon questionnaire I found online… and hopefully get to know some of you better through hearing your answers!

Let’s get this started!

"Sailor Moon Questionnaire" from tumblr user simplysailormoon

“Sailor Moon Questionnaire” from tumblr user simplysailormoon

As I’m sure you’ve heard from me time and time again, I generally try – to limited degrees of success – to keep personal feelings out of this blog as much as possible. This is because I’d rather provide a resource for you, and future readers, to find the information they’re looking for and make up their own minds.

But it’s the weekend, so that means we can ignore all the rules and take a moment to talk about how we feel about the series, without doing any analysis, translation, or reading up on Japanese laws on the age of consent. As noted above, these questions come from a 2012 tumblr post by the user simplysailormoon.1

Now girls, don't fight. You're all my favorite!

Now girls, don’t fight. You’re all my favorite!

Q1: Who are your 3 favorite senshi?

We’re not playing around here, are we? Opening right with the big questions.

I actually like all the senshi for their own reasons, some of them more for their potential as characters (such as Setsuna) and less for what we saw in the series. But I absolutely realize that this is a cop-out answer, so I’ll actually try to answer the question at hand.

My favorite senshi would be (in order):

  1. Rei
  2. Minako
  3. Yaten

… and now that I typed this list out, I realize that you could probably make a bizarre shipping love triangle out of that. But I assure you, that’s not my intention.

I’ve always loved Rei – in her manga, live-action, and anime incarnations – for her dedication and strong personality. Minako is a refreshingly strong female character, especially in the Codename: Sailor V manga. And Yaten? Honestly, I can’t say for sure why I love Yaten’s character so much, but I just… do. I also love Grumpy Bear and other negative characters, so that might be related.

Q2: Who is your favorite NON senshi character?

If I felt like cheating, I could probably say “Tuxedo Mask!” but I think that goes against the spirit of the question.

Assuming that we’re allowed to include villains, then I’d say Kunzite, hands down. Ever since I first saw him in the series, he’s always been a favorite character of mine. Everything from his relationship with Zoisite to the tense relationship with Prince Endymion, the guy was absolutely awesome. If we’re supposed to pick a “normal” character…?

Not a fan of Tuxedo Melvin? Fight me.

Not a fan of Tuxedo Melvin? Fight me.

This guy.

Q3: Who are your 3 favorite SM couples and why?

My answer here is probably going to be pretty unpopular, but the romance in Sailor Moon is one of the least interesting themes for me. I love the series for its story of a group of young girls succeeding against all odds by coming together and supporting each other. I love seeing the female empowerment. I… don’t really care about the relationships.

Since I don’t feel like I can meaningfully answer this question, we’ll move on!

Q4: Who do you think you are most like in the series?

I’d like to say Rei (anime?) in that I fully realize I can come off as mean and incredibly critical of everyone around me, but it’s only because I hold them, and myself, to high expectations and want nothing but the best. If my friends are slacking off, I will tell them as much. If they need help, I’ll be the first one over.

Shinozaki and I have lots in common

Shinozaki and I have lots in common

More realistically, I’m probably more like Shinozaki – I appear, help someone out, and no one remembers me after the fact.

Q5: Which movie is your favorite?

Honestly? I don’t really like any of the movies all that much. Since they need to tell a full story, from beginning to end, in such a short amount of time, it all feels so superficial.

If I had to pick one, it’d probably be the Sailor Moon R movie. It’s still very much a Sailor Moon-only affair, but I think it gave the rest of the Sailor Soldiers more time to shine than the others.

Q6: Which fuku do you like the best?

I feel like this question is asking about the Sailor Soldier fuku and not their school uniforms, but I’m going to conveniently ignore that.

Personally, I absolutely love the TA Gakuin uniform that Rei wears, particularly the long-sleeved fall/winter version. My second favorite would be the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars high school uniform worn by the main cast. Of course the traditional Juban Junior High uniform is also nice, but I guess I’ve just seen too much of it.

The T.A. Gakuin uniform is just so cool!

The T.A. Gakuin uniform is just so cool!

As for Sailor Soldiers? Sailor V’s uniform, all the way.

Q7: Has Sailor Moon inspired you in any way and how?

… this blog? It also inspired me to study Japanese, which ultimately put my entire life on course to living in Japan, becoming a translator, and meeting my wife. My half-Japanese daughter is sitting on my lap as I type this. But that’s all kind of indirect, I suppose.

Q8: Why did you start watching/reading Sailor Moon?

Saw it on tv one day back in fall of 1997 and fell in love with the series and characters. I loved the fact that the story continued from episode to episode – something that was uncommon in American cartoons at the time, and even now – and that even the enemies had their own motivations. I loved it from the first episode I saw.

Q9: Are you open or secret about your love for Sailor Moon?

Definitely secret. I’m fairly open about video games, anime, and other forms of media that I’m a fan of, but I usually keep Sailor Moon out of the picture due to how easily it could be misunderstood.

Otaku as shown on Japanese news

Otaku as shown on Japanese news

No matter what anime fan sites or people on twitter may claim, otaku culture is still looked upon negatively in Japan, and telling people you like a show about female superheroes in short skirts can be misinterpreted very quickly.

Q10: Which of the 3 cats do you like best?

This is a weird final question. But I’m going to say Artemis, because I loved his relationship with Minako. They always struck me more as a team and less as a student/teacher relationship like in the case of Luna and Usagi.

Q11: Whose backstory would you like to know more about?

Due to the time/space limitations in the anime and manga, a lot of the other cast members really only got cursory explanations (at best) about their families and backstories. We know that Makoto’s parents died in a plane crash. We know that Rei’s father’s a jerk. Haruka and Michiru are rich because… they have patrons? Who knows about that one.

While I’d love to know so much more about each and every character in the series, probably the most vexing to me is Sailor Pluto/Setsuna. There is almost no information about her non-senshi life at all and what we do know makes no sense. I’d love to know how she fit into the world a little better.

Your turn!

Your turn!

So those are my answers to this Sailor Moon questionnaire, but I’d love to hear yours! Feel free to answer as many (or as few!) as you want down below in the comments. One of the reasons for starting this blog is that it gives me a chance to learn more about other people’s takes on the series, so I’d love to see how everyone else feels about these things!

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29 thoughts on “11 Questions on My Sailor Moon Favorites!


  2. Sounds like fun.

    1) I like three of them far more than the others, and those are Makoto, Usagi, and Ami in that order. It’s interesting that you put Yaten in your top three… a lot of people like the Starlights, but I don’t think many would put one of them as a top 3 favorite. Especially since their background is so different and their appearance is so unusual compared to… well, everything in the rest of the series.

    2) You seemed to be considering more obscure characters… but isn’t the answer going to be Naru or Mamoru, or maybe a likeable bad guy for most fans? I’ll go with Mamoru.

    3) I know what you mean, I’m not really about the couples. Anyway, Usagi/Mamoru, Haruka/Michiru, Lead Crow/Aluminum Siren.

    4) I’m not a close match for any character, since they excel in a lot of ways and have strong personalities while I’m more of an average person. Maybe a mix of Saphir and Ami, more of a follower/helper than a leader.

    5) I used to love the movies, but in hindsight they really weren’t as good as the series. The R movie had memorable moments and great music, so it’s easily the best of the three for me.

    6) I’m not really partial to any of them. I guess Makoto’s uniform just because it belongs to my favorite character. Rei’s probably looks the coolest.

    7) It inspired me to continue my love of anime and learn some of the Japanese language and learn about Japanese culture. I didn’t take it nearly as far you did though!

    8) It was somewhere around late 1996 that I caught it on TV one morning. It was episode 11 (a great starting point if you can’t start at the very beginning) and I thought it was so dumb, but somehow wanted to see more. A few episodes later I was still watching, and I was hooked by the next week. I know it was 1996 because I remember discussing the show on the Sailor Moon newsgroup and people only knew little tidbits of information about Stars, and then someone living in Japan posted a short play-by-play of the finale episode so fans would know how the whole series ended months before they’d get to see a fansub.

    9) I’ve never told anyone I know. A friend of mine found a Sailor Moon fan site I had made in 1997 and I deleted it in a hurry out of embarrassment. My friends did not think anime was cool at all.

    10) I agree with you, I like Artemis because he seems like more of a teammate than the authoritative Luna. (Not that Luna didn’t have good reasons!)

    11) I guess I’d like to see more of any character’s past… the younger years and family life of the inner senshi, or Haruka and Michiru, would be interesting. Also, I always thought the invasion of the Black Moon would have made a great movie… I want to know just how things went so wrong, and more about what led Chibiusa to travel to the past.

    • I’ll admit, my love of Yaten as a character is a bit bizarre. There’s just something about the character I absolutely loved when I first started reading the old Hitoshi Doi episode summaries way back in the late 90s, and later the Kurozuki manga summaries. Obviously the Starlights were pretty underdeveloped as characters, but I always really wanted to know more about Yaten.

  3. Q1: Who are your 3 favorite senshi?

    1. Jupiter
    2. Uranus
    3. Mercury

    While I also like all the characters, I love me some strong, badass fighting ladies. Jupiter & Uranus fit that to a T. Mercury is the brains of the operation and while I underappreciated her as a teen when I watched Sailor Moon for the first time on TV, that changed when I watched again​ the series as an adult. I identified too much with her to treat her the same again. I understood her more because I was very much like her in many ways. In addition to that – Darkury from the PGSM version was too delicious a character.

    Q2: Who is your favorite NON senshi character?

    That’s a hard question to answer, since they were not my focus, and I even hardly remember most of them. I suppose Motoki would be my favourite. His awkwardness when the girls were making googly eyes at him was just too funny and he offered some companionship to Mamoru.

    Q3: Who are your 3 favorite SM couples and why?

    1. Endymion x Serenity, 2. Neo Queen Serenity x King Endymion 3. Artemis x Luna (manga version)
    To be honest, I chose them because they look good togheter, which might sound embarassing, but the show didn’t offer much relationship development.

    Q4: Who do you think you are most like in the series?

    Forgot about this question and already answered it above. I’m most like Ami. While in no way I have her IQ, I always preferred books and music to being with people. I always was alone, but not lonely because I got very good at entertaining myself.

    Q5: Which movie is your favorite?

    While the movies where quite weak, when compared to the series, my favourite is “The Promise of the Rose”. Mainly because we have that very cute scene when Mamoru meets Usagi for the first time, just when he needed someone the most and that scene with the asteroid flying towards Earth was amazing. A bit of death & kiss resurrection improves the plot. Plus visually it was very good.

    Q6: Which fuku do you like the best?

    My favourite Senshi fuku is the one Sailor Moon had when she transforms with the Holy Grail. There was just something so beautiful about those long, wavy back waist ribbons. Also it was the first time when her fuku had a major change and it was so striking to me.
    If we’re talking about school uniforms, then my favourite was the one Minako was wearing, with the red handkerchief thingie.

    Q7: Has Sailor Moon inspired you in any way and how?

    It inspired me to start drawing, and while I am not a professional, I draw for fun, now and then. It’s also what powered up my interest for Japan, Japanese food and culture.

    Q8: Why did you start watching/reading Sailor Moon?

    Saw it on TV (uncensored ). At first I wasn’t even interested because the title in the program was translated as “The Moon in Sailor Suit” and I thought it sounded stupid. I switched the TV on halfway through the first episode and I was hooked.

    Q9: Are you open or secret about your love for Sailor Moon?

    Mostly secret. Perhaps because people are quick to judge and I just like to keep my passions to myself.

    Q10: Which of the 3 cats do you like best?

    Diana perhaps? She seems like the most chill out of the three.

    Q11: Whose backstory would you like to know more about?

    The four Shitennou. It was mind-blowing​ when I found out they were supposed to be the counterpart of the 4 Senshi. I would have loved to know more about their past lives.

    • Motoki is just a really great, all-around nice guy to have around. I especially like that they made him and Mamoru friends to kind of give Mamoru more of a reason to hang around and see the Sailor Team in the early episodes.
      Fans seem pretty divided over the way he was portrayed in the PGSM live-action show, but I think his new goofball personality fit the tone of the show pretty well.

    • Jupiter is also my favorite senshi! Followed by Uranus and Pluto, respectively. I love Makoto’s strength and also her humility about that strength. Haruka has that sweet and sour personality I find endearing, and Setsuna… She’s so quiet, you’d never suspect her power until you saw it. (As an aside, I am strictly speaking of the senshi from the VIZ media redub/remaster… unfortunately, I have not seen much of the DiC dub, and I found Usagi’s voice actress in that dub lacking… she sounded like an 80-year-old trying to sound like a 14-year-old.)

  4. Q1: #3) Haruka, #2) Minako, #1) Michiru

    Q2: Maybe Eudial? ‘Cause I find her laugh-out-loud funny. Or maybe Motoki ’cause I think he’s crushworthy.

    Q3: #3) Prince Demande & Saphir — I know this is cheating ’cause they’re not a couple, but I do think their relationship is one of the more moving elements of the R season, and it always guts me when Saphir dies (he really got a raw deal from the writers).

    #2) Zoisite & Kunzite — Learning they were a queer couple so many years after watching the DiC dub really blew my mind, but also warmed my heart. It’s cool that a same-sex pairing was treated with that kind of dignity in ’92.

    #1) Michiru & Haruka — In all truth, they’re my relationship goals. And they have been since I was about 15. I have a chibi-Michiru on my keyring, and I frequently joke that I’ll know my soulmate ’cause he’ll have a chibi-Haruka. But I’m really not joking. 🙂

    Q4: Something else I’ve said to a lot of people is that “I aspire to be Neptune, but I’m really just Venus.” The older I get, though, the more I think Hotaru might be the most relatable of them all for me.

    Q5: The S movie. Granted, I had never seen the R movie before a year ago, and I did love it. But I think the animation in the S movie is just gorgeous, I have some nice nostalgia from my first time watching it on vacation with my parents and my best friend at the time, and also, maybe most importantly, the Outers are in it. (And I just remembered while typing this that it was my first time seeing the Outers’ transformations ’cause the S season wasn’t available in the States yet.)

    Q6: I love the Mugen Academy uniforms Michiru and Haruka wear. And Neptune’s is definitely my favorite senshi uniform for the shoes. The shoes!

    Q7: More than anything, the relationship stuff I said in Q3. Also when I was a teenager I wrote this really corny superhero story that was a blatant and obvious Sailor Moon ripoff. It’s a cute enough memory to me now, but if someone dug it up, I’d be mortified.

    Q8: I spent a lot of my junior high/high school days in this shop that rented nothing but video games and animé, and they had a a few Sailor Moon posters on the wall that caught my eye; I’ve always been into girl-targeted media, and it just really looked like something I would love. They had a copy of the 3DO Sailor Moon S game, which I rented for a birthday party (you could rent consoles too), and they had two fansubbed VHS tapes of the first few episodes of the animé, which I rented but got kinda freaked out by (I still maintain that some of the very early eps are legitimately scary, lol). When the DiC dub came around a couple years late, I gave it another go and fell in love.

    Q9: Entirely open.

    Q10: Artemis.

    Q11: I echo your answer pretty much verbatim— there’s a lot I’d like to know about a bunch of the characters, particularly all the oblique references to Haruka & Michiru’s patrons and time “overseas;” but more than anything, I wish Setsuna had a fleshed out backstory. I’ve always loved her and honestly didn’t even realize that it was in spite of knowing nothing about her until one of your earlier posts about her lack of a storyline.

    • OH! The Mugen Gakuen uniforms…!! I can’t believe I forgot about this.
      I loved how the uniform (the bow) changed to match the year of school the student was in.

  5. – Who are your 3 favorite senshi?
    Well, obviously Sailor Moon has to be in that list somewhere. But if I were to exclude her out of fairness to the others, as in, she is sort of a category of her own, I’d list my favorites as:
    Seiya (anime), Minako (manga), Rei (both)

    – Who is your favorite NON senshi character?
    I’m going to cheat a bit here…
    Manga: Kunzite or Artemis
    Anime: Nephrite
    PGSM: Zoicite

    -Who are your 3 favorite SM couples?
    Manga: Moon/Mask
    Anime: Nephrite/Naru
    Both: Chibiusa/Helios (I also like Luna/Artemis in anime but I can only choose 3.)

    -Who do you think you are most like in the series?
    Probably manga-version of Rei. I’m very intense, spiritual, etc. I don’t see myself as mean or anything, but I can be off-putting at times.

    -Which movie is your favorite?
    I’ve only seen each movie once. I’m really not a fan of any of them either. If I had to choose, I guess Promise of the Rose. The Chibiusa movie was weird, and I don’t really like the story of Luna falling for another guy. The manga version handled it better, I think.

    -Which fuku do you like the best?
    Super Sailor Moon! And since you did mention there’s a difference, the one with the two brooches.

    -Has Sailor Moon inspired you in any way and how?
    Sailor Moon sparked my interest in Japanese culture, anime, and science fiction. And I’m pretty obsessed with the Sailor Moon universe lol.

    -Why did you start watching/reading Sailor Moon?
    I actually saw the merchandise before even realizing what the show was. I was hooked right away. I loved anything with Sailor Moon on it. Then I got a few VHS tapes and fell in love with the series. Eventually, I found it on television!

    -Are you open or secret about your love for Sailor Moon?
    I’m extremely open about it. I have a Sailor Moon jacket I keep at work and a figurine at my desk. Plus, I make references to it all the time both in real life and on social media.

    -Which of the 3 cats do you like best?
    I mean, how can you choose a cat? I’d go with Artemis because I like him so much in the manga. But that’s not to say I dislike Luna or Diana. I like them all.

    -Whose backstory would you like to know more about?
    EVERYBODY. I want more on Silver Millenium, more about the outer senshi, more on Chibiusa’s early life, more on Sailor Cosmos, more on original Queen Serenity…I mean… there’s so much we DON’T KNOW. :/

    This was fun!

  6. Q1: Chibi-Usa, Taiki, and Usagi (in that order)
    Q2: I’m not sure
    Q3: Haruka/Michiru, Usagi/Mamoru (because otherwise Chibi-Usa wouldn’t be born), Seiya/Makoto (used in a fanfic of mine)
    Q4: Probably Taiki, personality-wise, although I have some things in common with Usagi as well
    Q5: SuperS movie
    Q6: The first Sailor Chibi Moon outfit
    Q7: It got me into anime and the magical girl genre in general
    Q8: The summer of 2000
    Q9: Very open about it
    Q10: Luna, for her PGSM incarnation as Sailor Luna, plus, she inspired my dog’s name
    Q11: What is my favorite season of Sailor Moon? SailorStars

    • Seiya and Makoto… now THAT is an interesting character combination. I’d definitely be interested in hearing more about how they work out!

  7. Q1: Who are your 3 favorite senshi?
    1) Sailor Mars/Rei
    2) Sailor Saturn/Hotaru
    3) Sailor Venus/Minako

    Q2: Who is your favorite NON senshi character?
    Black Lady (does that count? I mean she worked for the other side. :D)

    Q3: Who are your 3 favorite SM couples and why?
    Unfortunately the main focus was always on Usagi/Mamoru. I’d really like to see more romance among the rest of the inner senshi. Therefore there are not many options left and to be honest, I don’t like any of them. Maybe Pegasus/Helios and Chibiusa.

    Q4: Who do you think you are most like in the series?
    Being an Aries myself I would definitely say Rei/Sailor Mars. She was always my favourite character and the one I could most identify with.

    Q5: Which movie is your favorite?
    None. I prefer the series.

    Q6: Which fuku do you like the best?
    The uniform that Rei wears as well or/and from the Sailor Soldiers: Sailor Saturns.

    Q7: Has Sailor Moon inspired you in any way and how?
    To be interested in Astrology.

    Q8: Why did you start watching/reading Sailor Moon?
    I saw it on tv in 1998 and fell in love with it as well. It was my favourite tv show as a kid. I honestly prefer the old anime over Sailor Moon Crystal.

    Q9: Are you open or secret about your love for Sailor Moon?
    Open as a kid, secret as an adult now. ^^

    Q10: Which of the 3 cats do you like best?
    Luna. I like her quick temper.

    Q11: Whose backstory would you like to know more about?
    I mean the main focus was always on Usagy/Sailor Moon/Serenety and that bothered me a lot! Even though they showed some backstories of the other Sailor Soldiers, I always felt that something’s missing.

    • You know, that’s really interesting to hear that Sailor Moon helped get someone into astrology! I never really noticed it much when I was younger and was much more focused on the astronomy aspect, but when you get down into it, she really did a lot with astrology as well, particularly with their personalities and even down to their birthdays.

  8. 1. My 3 favorite senshi are Ami, Makoto, and Minako.
    2. My favorite non-senshi character would probably be Naru, mostly because I like her design.
    3. My 3 favorite coouples are Ami/Makoto, Usagi/Ami, and Usagi/Minako. I’m a big fan of couples who help each other be their best selves, and that’s how I imagine these pairings would go.
    4. I consider myself most similar to Ami. Shy bookworm who doesn’t really have any friends until middle school? Relatable.
    5. I haven’t watched any of the movies, so I can’t say any of them is my favorite.
    6. I like Makoto’s uniform the best. I’m a sucker for sukeban style. Mercury’s got my favorite senshi outfit, though. I like the color.
    7 and 8. I feel a need to combine how Sailor Mon’s inspired with how I got interested in the series because they’re bound up close together for me. I don’t know how I first found about Sailor Moon, but I first got interested in the series through reading the excellent Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon series of recap threads on rpg.net. I decided to watch the show myself, but I also got inspired to do that sort of recap thread type of thing with other fiction to give me reasons to stop procrastinating on all the books I wanted to read. And I did it for Crystal, which was the only thing keeping me from giving up on that slog.
    9. I don’t go out of my way to talk about Sailor Moon, but if it comes up naturally in conversation I won’t pretend I don’t like it. I’m too bad at lying.
    10. I like Artemis the best of the cats because Sailor V was so funny and he was a good two-thirds of the humor for me.
    11. What’s my favorite version of Sailor Moon? I’m torn between the 90s anime and the various musicals. The anime makes the characters feel more like real people, but the musicals are just so wonderfully odd.

  9. *Sees picture of Otaku*

    Aww man why’d you gotta go and throw us AKB fans under the bus like that.

  10. 1 Hotaru, Mako, and Minako, in that order
    2 Uh, probably Mamoru, I like his character in Crystal and the original anime
    3 Favorite couples are 1 Usagi×Mamoru, 2 Shittenou×Senshi (I love the aspect of them being together in silver Millennium) 3 Haruka and Michiru
    4 I’m definitely most similar to Ami, I’m shy and is the smartest of my friends
    5 Haven’t seen them, so can’t pick a favorite
    6 I like Mako’s uniform the best, but I really like the Mugen academy uniforms too
    7 I don’t really know. To watch more anime?
    8 I was always interested, and my dad watched it when it came to America, and so, my sister and I were looking for a show to watch and saw this and I asked her if she wanted to watch it, and she said yeah, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
    9 Definitly private unless someone mentions it, or says something sailor moon related, then I’ll jump in
    10 Artemis is really funny, but I also love Luna! Can I put both?
    11 Character you want to see more back story for: I want to see more of the Shittenou and Senshi relationship explored! I find it really interesting!

  11. 1- Top 3 Favorite Senshi
    Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter 🙂

    2- Favorite Non Senshi Character
    Definitely Kunzite. I think his relationship with Sailor V, hinted feelings for Venus, the fact that he’s a baddie makes him more complex and mysterious 🙂

    3- 3 Favorite SM Couples
    Venus and Kunzite, Usagi and Mamoru, Mars and Jadeite <3

    4- I'm most similar to Minako. Good at putting on an act, falls in love easy, bad puns, smarter than my ditziness allows people to believe, REALLY intuitive about love and nothing else. Lots of other things o.o

    5-Favorite Sailor Moon Movie
    Sailor Moon R- Promise of the Rose

    6-Best Fuku
    Sailor Saturn….. I mean just look at her she's glorious!

    7- Has Sailor Moon inspired you in any way?
    I mean do you have all day? Cuz I could probably go longer. It inspired me to make art and write I think first and foremost. It taught little ten year old me back in 1994 about a lot of mushy things like love and friendship and even connected me to my very best friend of life and we're still best friends today. I'm basically obsessed so even today it fuels a lot of creativity for me! It did also inspire me to branch out and discover a lot of other anime <3

    I've always been an astronomy, astrology AND mythology nut and this show is PACKED WITH IT! I adore how it's all woven in there- I actually did a high school project on Sailor Moon for my Mythology class and when you start really digging into the story and deeper meaning behind everything it's actually brilliantly written and researched. (Again…obsessed) Sailor Moon is one of the smartest things I've ever seen- down to the attributes of the stones some of the characters are named for. 🙂

    8- Why did I start watching?
    I was a 90's kid and Toonami was on when I came home from school every day so I just started watching it while I did my homework. I fell in love with Usagi and of course was going to marry good ole Mamo chan. But after a while I started taping every episode, and drawing, and collecting merch and when my 10 year old brain found out there was a comic I was introduced to the Manga which I love far more than the cartoon.

    9- Oh I'm pretty open about my obsession with Sailor Moon. I'll talk with anyone for HOURS about it.

    10-Favorite cat

    11-Character you want more backstory on
    The Shitennou! I want them all day, every day. They're fascinating and have as much potential as the Senshi! Not to mention I'm a HUGE fan of the senshixshitennou pairings. I will ship them till I die. I think the Manga and Crystal has left a lot of people with a lot of questions about them 🙂

    *12- What is one thing missing from the fandom that needs to be done?

  12. 1.) Top 3: Mercury, Saturn & Jupiter.
    2.) Non-Senshi: Probably Naru.
    3.) Couples: “Amiryo” (Or “Ryami”), “Reichiiro” (Rei & Yuichiiro), “Lunartemis” (Luna & Artemis).
    4.) Soulmate: Most likely Ami: Shy, intelligent, reclusive, mostly on my own, often insecure, utterly nervous at times (I frequently catch myself – unconsciously? – mimicking/mirroring her tics and gestures including laughing/giggling with my mouth hidden behind my hand, scratching my chin or resting my head on my hands while in deep thought). If I could swim, I’d only need a blue wig and fake boobs and I’d be a Poster Expy (I’m a guy to start with) 😉
    5.) Favourite Movie: “Hearts in Ice” AKA “Snow Princess Kaguya”.
    6.) Mercury’s original fuku (without the elongated backbow)
    7.) Inspiration: Possibly to persue my dreams and never give up or so.
    8.) Since when: Somewhere in the Mid-90’s.
    9.) Quite open. I have a Slideshow Screensaver with Anime pictures (of which the majority is SM-related) on my workplace computer and a small Mercury plush doll dangling around there.
    10.) Favourite Mooncat: Artemis! x3
    11.) ‘Tis quiz over yet? I-I’m sorry, but I’m in a hurry, I gotta go to my cram class right now! – – – Just kidding! Who I want to know more about? Undecided.

  13. Ok here’s mine
    1). My favorite senshi was
    .2 Michiru
    .3 Rei ❤

    2). Non senshi characters
    – i always loved the ayakashi sisters Pertz,calaveras,berthrier and koan they are not the perfect sibling type but i love them.for me they are interesting characters

    – Luna and Artemis
    – haruka x michiru

    4).im Definetely michiru with a mixture of hotaru imcan say im more like michiru matured,calm and quiet and it was hard to tell what she was thinking.and hotaru sometimes loner

    5).i dont watch any movie yet im more in to the manga and the anime.

    6).definetely minako

    7).sometimes they inspired me to be confident with my self and the people around me. Also they motivate me to be the better version of me (did i mention i have the ost in my phone and i always listen to them it really helped me wake up in the morning )

    8).i grew up watching sailor moon im a 90’s kid i always watch it everyday then suddenly our local television channel ditch sailormoon bummer.i always look up to minako when i was a kid i always dreamed to be her beautiful and athletic but now im not into sports i never have one.and when i sad non as in i dont know any sports

    9).i love sailormoon but i dont have that much of a friend to tell them.

    10).my fave was luna (i have a black cat that i named luna and they share the same personality.

    11).not a character but i want a backstory of the silver millenium and how it began who made it? and also i want to know each planets look are they have they own people too or just a planet before the event of envading the moon.i want a prologue of the whole sailormoon more like events before sailormoon

  14. Q1: 1) Neptune 2) Saturn 3) Pluto
    Q2: Hmm…I don’t really have one.
    Q3: Usagi/Mamoru because they are my OTP. Haruka/Michiru because they complement each other well. Rei and Minako’s dynamic in the live action was really well done, but I don’t ship them romantically.
    Q4: I’m most like Ami, but I have a bit of Usagi in me too.
    Q5: R is probably my favorite.
    Q6: Sailor V’s is amazing!
    Q7: It inspired me to watch other anime and eventually start cosplaying. I’ve done a Neptune cosplay and I’ll probably do another.
    Q8: I saw it on TV as a little girl in the late 90s.
    Q9: Secret. I’m secret about my love of anime in general, just because I’m in a serious profession and I think my colleagues might think I’m a bit weird. I mean, they’re all nerds too, but not anime nerds. It’s different.
    Q10: Luna. Love her human form.
    Q11: Favorite song? – Ai no Senshi from Usagi’s birthday episode.

  15. 1. To three Senshi: Sailor V, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Saturn.
    Kind of a cop-out semi sarcastic response but if I can’t double-up it would be Pluto in Third.
    2. Non Senshi would be Anima mate Sailor Tin Nyanko because she is such an unapologetic ass! Until she’s half reformed, then she’s as indesive as I am.
    If there’s a rule against semi Senshi, I’d go with Chibi Moon’s pink moon stick since it has a mind of its own.
    3. The favorite Couples? Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite, they’re kinda master/servant but zaney. Kunzite and Zoisite because of the secret(English dub) true nature of their partnership. And Luna x Yaten because it’s just insane.
    4. Minako since I never can get those Proverbs right either! I reverse them by accident or get them completely wrong. Oh, and I think I’m famous.
    5. Of the movies, I’d say “S” because it’s the first time I ever saw the outers transform and heard the inners salsa esque henshin jam.
    6. Fuku is definitely Venus because I love Orange.
    7. Sailor Moon Inspired me to learn to draw big eyed anime girls instead of my usual American style comic art.
    8. It must have been 1995. My brother was recording it on VHS since it was airing at 5:30AM DAILY and i was busy getting ready for middle school during that time. I watched it after school. First episode was Tennis Trouble or something where she was stuck in a ball during a fight and I thought it was really dumb.. then my bro stopped recording it and I took over the taping and it’s been fandom fever since!
    9. I’m pretty open about it. Have a couple subtle yet obvious enough unofficial tee shirts that I wear often.
    10. I like Artemis because he seems more real. I still think of Luna as Angela Lansbury in cat form, and Diana as a Helium Huffer. So what option do I have?
    11. Q: If I could use any Attack, what would it be and why?
    A: Mercury Bubbles Blast! It would make cleaning a breeze!

  16. 1) My three favorites are Rei (the funniest and angriest, lol), Makoto (a great contrast between the feminine & masculine) & Ami (kind of underrated, but I love her “closet romantic” thing.
    2) Favorite non-Senshi character ended up being Mimete, whom I find to be gleefully crazy. Her idol-chasing, declaring she’ll give up and be a good person now (complete with close-up of the colleague she murdered’s locker), then immediately acting like she was just pretending as soon as her scheme fell apart… she’s a hoot.
    3) There’s not really many meaningful couples in Sailor Moon outside of the main one, but it’s probably Uranus/Neptune (great contrasts), Naru/Umino (the episode where he proves his love in front of an entire group, making even the SAILORS cry, is truly excellent), and Usagi/Mamoru, even though they kind of dropped the ball with that one.
    4) I’m probably most like Rei- judging others, being critical, and being short-tempered.
    5) Sailor Moon R, which had the most dramatic plot and ending.
    6) I like Sailor Mars’s for all the red.
    7) The show inspired me to learn a lot more about Japan, how to “get” the culture, and to research the differences between characters in the various sources. My entire anime fandom is owed to this show, and I think the way I critically look at everything I see is, as well.
    8) My first episode was the ski hill episode, and I declared Rei to be whatever the 1997 term for “waifu” was, lol. Then I saw the episode where they gathered the former Crystal Carriers, then the finale of the first season, and was like “Holy CRAP- this story is actually EPIC!” and had to watch the rest of it.
    9) Open-ish. I think people are more accepting of it now, though definitely it’s more common for guys to like shonen. And yeah, I’ve heard that the actual Japanese take on Otaku is as obsessive, dateless weirdos.
    10) I ended up like Artemis the best, mostly for how sarcastic and snide he is when the girls act like crazy teenagers- he comes off as one of the most “real” characters for that reason. I’ve always had a trickier time liking Luna, who I remember as an “Old British Lady” from the original dub, and whose memories are always so arbitrary- “Oh, now that this is plot-relevant I’m starting to remember something I should have told you from the very beginning”.
    11) Sooooooooooo many of the senshi I’d love to know more about, especially in the anime, where they had more time to develop it. Like, out of the main girls, only Usagi & Ami had parents mentioned, but Ami’s mother wasn’t even seen! Rei’s family life seems especially interesting to me.

  17. 1) Who are your 3 favorite senshi?

    Pluto, Saturn, Chibi Moon

    2) Who is your favorite NON senshi character?

    Probably Helios or the Guardian Sprite of the Cauldron

    3) Who are your 3 favorite SM couples and why?

    a) Serenity and Endymion. Their love literally lasts through millenia and lifetimes.

    b) Chibi Usa and Helios. I once read and manga style fanfic about this couple as teens in Crystal Tokyo. I love the potential of their future together.

    c) Makoto and Asanuma. I felt like this was going somewhere and as far as we know, he had nothing to do with the magic of the story. He was like the one of the only normal people to get in on the secret. He was a good person who possibly had the potential to heal Makato’s broken heart and support her in her journey as Sailor Jupiter and he was just written out of the story.

    d) Luna and Artemis. I feel like they keep focused on their mission but every. once in awhile they have a sweet moment. Not to mention poor Artemis when Luna was crushing on Kakeru, Artemis was so heart sick.

    e) Neptune and Uranus. Their death scene at the end of Sailor Stars. So sad!

    4) Who do you think you are most like in the series?

    At work, probably like Rei. When I’m not at work maybe more like Ami.

    5) Which movie is your favorite?

    Probably Sailor Moon R & Sailor Moon S. I think I enjoyed the storyline of Super S movie the least but I liked getting to see the SM and crew as kids. Sadly we didn’t get to see cute moments of the outers as kids.

    6) Which fuku do you like the best?

    Probably Sailor Chi because she gets to wear pants. Or Sailor Galaxia’s golden armored fuku or Sailor Cosmos white with rainbow ribbon belt fuku.

    7) Has Sailor Moon inspired you in any way and how?

    Sailor Moon, when push comes to shove, she really is so loving, forgiving, kind, warm and friendly. She also stands up for what’s right. We need more Sailor Moon vibes in the world.

    8) When did you start watching/reading Sailor Moon?

    Briefly saw a bit of Sailor Moon in elementary school. It was on at 6 am on weekdays but I didn’t have the dedication to wake up that early every morning. In junior high, I rediscovered Sailor Moon, which was on Sunday mornings while I was at church. By then, I knew how to set up the VCR to record it on a blank tape and watched it later. (dated myself there 🙂

    9) Are you open or secret about your love for SM?

    Open but I don’t go out of my way to talk about it. But if someone asks me about, I can start talking about it and go on forever.

    10) Which of the 3 cats do you like the best?

    Diana. For some reason, I love kids who travel from the future to the past in order to save the latter. Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z, Chris from Charmed, Chibi Usa and Diana from Sailor Moon.

    11) Agree with Tuxedo Unmasked’s questions.

    Where Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. reincarnated as children into families, etc or did they just appear where they were as teens/young adults? Also, where does all their (at least Uranus and Neptune) money come from?

    It seems like in the Silver Millenium, the inners are serving Neo Queen Serenity and fam and they don’t have lives or families of their own. Just seems weird to me as it goes against the everything the girls have been fighting for since they discovered themselves to be senshi. Maybe they did have more happening the future, we just weren’t there long enough to see it.

  18. Hi!~ I just want to tell you there I love your blog is super interesting and it seems we have some common interest as well.
    1.- Minako / Rei and Hotaru (sharing 2nd place) / Makoto
    2.- Artemis / Yūichirõ Kamada / Neherenia
    3.- Rei and Yūichirõ (even if he is clueless he have strong feelings for Rei and was a shame the anime series couldn’t show more that relationship) / Minako and Artemis (was a little love feelings from his side in certain moment, but they were always good friends) / Usagi and Seiya (one of the most polemic ships, but it really broke my heart when Seiya was reject… I always will wonder “what if?”).
    4.- Probably like Mako-chan, same hobbies, same reactions, she is very feminine but in the corny way xP.
    I like everything except the housewife dream, I’m not so skilled in that (IDK how I could married haha).
    5.- I’m not SM’s movie fan.
    6.- Same 😀 Rei’s fuku is the most beautiful, it makes her look elegant and cute. And then Mako’s is the only one I would dare to use hehe.
    7.- I love Minako, she is so funny and clear at the moment to express her feelings. I always wanted to find a friend like her (not luck till now).
    But the one who has more impact in my life is Mako-chan, I always wanted to be a multitask girl like her <3 strong, feminine and skilled.
    8.- I was 12 years old, back in 1997.
    9.- Actually I'm very open and proud about it, but not many people can get this references the town I live in, so I'm happy and undisturbed 😀
    10.- Artemis is so gently and faithful. I would like to get a cat and name it like him.
    11.- Who teaches us whats real and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what We’ll die to defend? Who chains us? And who holds the Key that can set us free?
    It’s you.
    You have all the weapons you need.
    Now Fight!!!!!~
    (Haha is not mine but is one of my favorites ever GIRL POWER!!!~).

  19. I’m years behind but I saw this post and wanted to answer these questions.

    1.) My favorite senshi, in this exact order, are Minako, Michiru, and Ami.

    2.) My favorite mom sensei characters yet is Naru. I always and forever will believe that she should have been told about them being senshi. I don’t need Naru being Sailor Earth but I do want her as an actual SUPPORTING character.

    3.) I honestly don’t have any favorite Sailor Moon couple. I would say Usagi and Mamoru but I’m the anime he was practically a better boyfriend to everyone but her. I did like Makoto and Asanuma but that went absolutely nowhere. I always felt that some of the inner sensei should have gotten boyfriends because I doubt that just because they would spend their lives protecting Usagi and each other that they would just give up their lives and dreams. Usagi, especially, wouldn’t allow that to happen.

    4.) I’m a mix of Rei and Ami. I’m very quiet and shy but with the people I’m close to I can be very witty and sarcastic. I’m really good at reading people and if I can’t get a good read on your personality, I honestly won’t be that trusting. I always give people the benefit of the doubt though if you cross me you probably won’t ever see me again.

    5.) I liked the Sailor Moon S movie the most because I liked the focus on Luna. It was nice to see her story.

    6.) Anything that Minako wears is my favorite. She’s just one of my favorite characters ever if I’m being honest so I guess I’m a little biased. I also LOVE Rei’s school uniform. Rei basically rocks anything that she wears. ALso, Michiru also looks great in her uniform and just about everything else too. Even if she does have a few fashion mishaps she has a lot of confidence and that just makes her look even better.

    7.) Sailor Moon inspired my imagination. If it wasn’t for Sailor Moon I wouldn’t have been working on the story that I’m writing now. It also introduced me to the magical girl genre. I ended up finding Precure because of it and I LOVE that franchise. Hopefully it can get faithful English dubs one day.

    8.) I discovered Sailor Moon in the early 2000’s when I was like 3 or 4. When I used to go to daycare in the mornings it would always be on. I remember the DiC music and how it made me feel tingly on the inside. I used to always confuse Minako and Usagi and would wonder why she would get two transformations. I soon just figured the they were twins and that Minako was the main character. I don’t know why. Soon after I left daycare I forgot all about Sailor Moon until I got in the 8th grade and heard someone say the name of the show. Suddenly a whole bunch of memories began to flow in my brain and I searched it up on youtube. Ever since that day I made sure to never forget what Sailor Moon was again.

    9.) I don’t hide my love for Sailor Moon BUT I’m very secretive with everything I’m into. I’m not someone who just tells people what I’m into. If your a very close friend then MAYBE I would tell you. If you were someone who was discussing anime and asked me what I liked I of course would mention this show.

    10.) I love both Artemis and Luna equally. I don’t know much about Diana. She’s super cute and nice but besides that she doesn’t do much. Luna and Artemis don’t play significant roles either after the first few arcs now that I think about it.

    11.) I have so many problems with the Sailor Moon story as a whole (Especially the manga.) because it has such underdeveloped characters and concepts. I’ve always had a problem with only knowing about Usagi’s life as a princess and I would like to know what everyone else did when they weren’t on the moon. I would also love more character development for just about every character overall. By the final arc of the manga I finally felt that Naoko Takeuchi finally got a good grasp on all of the characters only to be surprised when they all got killed off. Mercury and Jupiter especially got the short end of the stick in that regard. I just want character arcs for each character if I’m being honest. If Ms. Takeuchi ever comes back to Sailor Moon one day, I hope that she adds events that happen inbetween the story instead of continuing it. Sailor Moon already has a complete story so if we could just get more side stories that help develop the characters then I would be happy.

  20. 1)

    -Minako, but my third spot vacilates

    2) Mamoru if he counts. If he doesn’t Wiseman. If he doesn’t, Luna. If SHE doesn’t then Naru



    -UsagixSeiya, if they count. If they don’t…


    -Aluminum SirenxLead Crow

    4) I dunnoif I’m like anyone honestly

    5) The R movie for sure. Possibly my favourite anime movie of all time.

    6) Rei’s fuku and second place is the high school uniforms

    7) I guess it inspired me to check out more anime subbed

    8) I had finished a Power Rangers binge and I wanted a new ‘project’ along with wanting to try something new in general. SM fit the bill

    9) By default I’m secret as I don’t have anyone in real life to talk to about it. But if the topic was raised I don’t think I’d keep queit about it

    10) Luna

    11) Mamoru. I want to know more about his childhood


  21. 1)
    • Ami – I relate to her a lot, Mercury is my favourite planet, plus I’ll always pick ice-based magic over anything.
    • Michiru – I love the ocean, Neptune is my second-favourite planet, plus she’s a musician.
    • Mnemosyne – just give that girl a hug please.

    2) Professor Tomoe in its 90s Anime incarnation. I love how wacky and hilarious he is, and his backstory makes him quite sympathetic too.

    3) I too am more interested in the strong friendly bonds the girls form with each other than the romance (which is why I applaud the 90s Anime for scaling down Mamoru’s presence), but I have my favourites.
    • Aluminum Siren / Lead Crow – they totally are a couple in the anime, fight me. I love the lengths they’d go for one another. I wish we could have seen them revived along with the other Animamates at the end of Stars, but my headcanon is that they’re alive and well and, after helping Galaxia return all the star seeds to their rightful places, they’ll go on to live happily together.
    • Michiru / Haruka – duh.
    • Petz / Saphir – I just love getting my heart smashed, I guess. At first Petz came off as the least sympathetic of the Ayakashi Sisters, but that mini-arc gave her much more depth, which I adore!

    4) Each Senshi has something I identify with, but right now I’d say Makoto: I have both boyish and girly passions and I pursue them side by side without giving a **** about fitting in a box. Plus, I’m going through a House Tyrell-fuelled green and floral (especially rose) phase look-wise.

    5) That’d be S because icy powers, I love the overall plot, the Outers are in it, the soundtack kills it and, huh, icy powers. R comes as a second close because flowers (I also low-key ship Fiore an Mamoru, sorry Usagi). Actually I love them both, it’s easier to say I just dislike the SuperS movie.

    6) Sailor Saturn’s for all the unique details and the amazing earrings. I also adore Lethe and Mnemosyne’s style because I love the Empire waistline.

    7) I might have a thing for collecting objects that share the same basic template but differ in accents and colour scheme. Many of my own long-term photographic series follow this pattern too. My latest project is a series of antrpomorphic allegories for the planets in Western astrology and I’m shamelessly using the theme colours of each Senshi for their respective planets.

    8) At 4 o’clock in the afternoon of February 21st 1995. I’m so sure because I remember Morga being in it, so it had to be the first episode and that’s when it was broadcast in Italy. I was already an astronomy nerd, so this new “cartoon” with the planets in it looked too cool to pass!

    9) As a child, watching Sailor Moon was my best guarded secret because it was frowned upon for boys to like girly things. Nowadays I’m very open about my love for Sailor Moon. I don’t really participate in the online community, but I don’t shy away from referencing it in othr contexts, plus I have several Sailor Moon-printed t-shirts which I regularly wear, especially when I know I may stumble across my childhood bullies. Take that, you sad beings.

    10) I mean, they are cats, what’s there not to love?

    11) Michiru has so much potential, but she’s always sidelined to give Haruka more prominence. I would love to explore in detail how she became a Senshi (on her own, no less!) and what her life was like before that. Also, yeah, Setsuna needs more attention.

  22. I started watching in ‘94, and Yaten would be near the bottom of my favorite senshi list. Also, my daughter is half-Chinese rather than half-Japanese. Otherwise, your responses are so eerily similar that I could have written this myself.

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