Foreword by Keiko Han

Me: “Why don’t you try living on your own?”

Kotono: “Well, I might be getting married soon…”

Marriage? You can do that any time, but not now!

There are a lot of people who are concentrating their energies and working hard for you right now. What kind of dunderhead are you to not be able to notice that, Ms. Mitsuishi??

Several months later, you were hospitalized and a substitute was called in. Life is like a line, connected between a series of dots, making up interesting shapes. People are like dots, scattered about all around you, and you never know just who you will be connected to next. It’s all up to fate. If you make a mistake and connect with the wrong person, god will give you a demerit and cause some sort of accident to occur. An illness, traffic accident, divorce, something like that. “That’s so harsh!” Whether one gets worked up or breaks down over this really depends on the person.

I have to wonder if those who have not met with tragedies can really express loneliness, sadness, or even the kind of happiness that drives you to tears when trying to speak from the heart.

Kotono: “You know, I think I’m going to live on my own.”

Me: “Oh? That’s great!”

After you were released from the hospital and recovered, you were so refreshed and beautiful, as if things had come together for you.

As you stood behind the mic, the sadness, kindness, and strength all mixed together, and it was obvious that you had grown into an independent and wonderful lady. You had an energy that could take 100% of the pressure and push it back with double the force. Without really thinking, I fell into the role of Luna and shouted “good going, Usagi!”

Congratulations on your first collection of essays. I will always be giving you my strength, from the bottom of my heart, wishing for your happiness.

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