Akuryo Taisan Bookmarks Available

Akuryo Taisan!

Akuryo Taisan!

Have you ever felt the need to banish evil spirits? Or perhaps just sense a weird vibe coming from a pig-tailed girl that’s been lurking around your family’s Shinto Shrine? Well, today might just be your lucky day!

When I went about my mission of faithfully creating screen-accurate copies of Rei’s ofuda, I was intent on not only making sure that the text was nearly identical to what we saw in the Sailor Moon anime, but that the Japanese washi paper was also as realistic as possible in terms of thickness and quality. And that meant that we needed to order a custom lot through a specialty printer.1

As it turns out, I have a number of bookmarks left over after the Kickstarter reward fulfillment was done. Rather than just put them away in my closet to collect dust for the next few years, I thought I’d offer them up to the readers of this blog and any other fans who might be interested.

No amount of Mars-laced power can banish the evil that is Excel

No amount of Mars-laced power can banish the evil that is Excel

A little bit of background on the bookmarks themselves:

  • Height: 15 cm (5.9″)
  • Width: 5 cm (2″)
  • Paper: Japanese washi tera paper (white; 103kg)
  • Design: Direct copy of the officially-licensed 悪霊退散 (akuryo taisan) stickers released during the first season of the anime2
  • Bookmarks included: 2
  • Throwability: Questionable at best; not recommended unless you are a trained priestess
  • Bookmarking ability: Average

These are extras left over from a limited print run that I had done, so there probably won’t be any more in the future.

Mars and Her Signature Move

Mars and Her Signature Move

That being said, I’m not really interested in making money off of these. They were already created as a part of Kickstarter rewards that I was working on, and I’d really hate to see them just get locked away in my closet, so I’d be much happier if I could share them with other fans.

Sets Available: 4 (as of January 13, 2019)

The bookmarks are being sold in sets of two for $8.50 (USD; including shipping anywhere in the world). You can place your order by paying at the following link and entering your shipping address.

Purchase Akuryo Taisan Bookmarks

Results with e-readers may vary

Results with e-readers may vary

I’m not sure how much interest there is in something like this, but I will delete this post and disable the payment link as soon as they either sell out or one week has passed (January 20, 2019).

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below or contact me on social media!



  1. Which is apparently a one-man operation that prints this all on his own. Interesting!
  2.  See Akuryo Taisan stickers

8 thoughts on “Akuryo Taisan Bookmarks Available

    • Did you receive your bookmarks yet? I sent my payment and left a comment here yesterday but I haven’t heard back from the blogger.

      • Sorry, I was compiling all the orders together to send out in one batch.
        The bookmarks will be going out on Monday, January 21st at the latest!

  1. Heya, I just sent you the payment. I stumbled into your blog while googling for info on Makoto’s parents. Love your site!! I’m going to bookmark your page and read more of your posts. Keep it up!!

  2. Hey! I attempted to purchase a set of bookmarks, but I don’t know if you got my payment. Are there going to be confirmation emails, by any chance?

    • Your payment made it through, and the bookmarks will be shipped out for everyone as soon as orders are ended on January 20th. Thanks for reaching out!

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