The First Day of Christmas – Sailor Moon Roulette

On the First Day of Christmas...

On the First Day of Christmas…

For our first day of (Sailor Moon) Christmas, we have the “Moon Power Roulette” dating back to the original season (around 1992/1993) that apparently retailed for around 580 yen or so.1 Considering that the primary target audience for Sailor Moon (and, by connection, the toys) was elementary school girls, it should come as no surprise that a lot of the toys were fortune-telling (particularly concerning love prospects!) related.

Sailor Moon Fortune-Telling Roulette

Sailor Moon Fortune-Telling Roulette

So what does this toy actually do? It’s actually pretty interesting, or at least more-so that it looks like at first glance. It’s actually a case with a simple latching mechanism at the bottom, which allows it to flip open and give you access to the twelve cards inside (more on that later). On the front, as kindly shown off here by the lovely Sailor Mercury, you have two levers and a roulette wheel in the middle. When you push down the left button, the wheel will spin and stop on one of eight characters: (clockwise from the top) Luna, Usagi, Mamoru, Rei, Umino, Naru, Motoki, Ami.

Judging by the character selection and the cards, it seems like this was either made early in the anime’s run or that the rights were required and the manufacturing was started early on. At the very least, it seems like it probably was released prior to Jupiter’s appearance. I’m a bit disappointed that all the character art seems to be official (I actually enjoy toy/product companies using new art on products, even if it’s not 100% spot on), but the images they chose are pretty good, I think.

The Cards

The Cards

Fortune Telling!

Fortune Telling!

Pushing down the right button will cause one of the above cards – each of which corresponds to a different astrology sign, though sadly none of them seem to have any connection between the image and the sign – to pop up out of the top. The front of the card shows either a character or scene from the anime, has the name of one of the astrological signs, and a brief description of what that sign means about your personality. Once you flip the card over is when the fun (?) actually begins!

On the back of each card is your fortune today, which is determined by which color the roulette wheel landed on (there being an arrow at the top of the wheel to indicate the ‘winning’ color). I’m not really sure why the cards determine the outcome by color and not by character – especially since each color has a different character on it – but I suppose it’s safe to say that this toy was re-purposed for many different anime and they probably wanted to avoid rewriting the same information.

The fortunes themselves are pretty simple, things like “Watch out for getting hurt today!”, “Chances are good for making friends,” and the ever-important “Odds are good for an increase to your allowance!”

My fortune is green – "Your study ability has increased!"

My fortune is green – “Your study ability has increased!”

It’s an incredibly simple toy and some could say is a bit lacking in its tie-in to the Sailor Moon universe, but for what it is it’s actually pretty nice, built sturdily, and I could see it being a lot of fun for young kids to play around with, especially together in groups with their friends. Plus, at the end of the day, aren’t we all happy to know that there’s a high chance for an allowance increase? It might just pay off your purchase!


  1. For more information, see this Japanese site on Sailor Moon toys


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