Twelve Days of Christmas – Reliving Sailor Moon

Ringing in the Season with Sailor Moon

Ringing in the Season with Sailor Moon

I know that the vast majority of what this blog covers is the real life stories and history behind the characters, world, and setting of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon universe – and I really hate to break away from a shtick that I’m reasonably good at – but with the upcoming holiday season, it’s hard for me to turn down the chance to actually review old Sailor Moon merchandise that was released back in the day and played with by children who actually loved the show back when it was new.

After several days of scouring the internet and various shops around Tokyo, I’ve found an interesting variety of toys and merchandise that was actually sold back during the original run of the anime. Of course, with the 20th anniversary and the Sailor Moon Crystal anime in full force, there is tons of merchandise on the market now which is interesting and worthy of attention in its own right, but keeping with the theme of this blog of taking a look at the series from a historical perspective, I figured it’d be better this way.

So for the next twelve days leading up to Christmas Eve (in Japan, at least!), I’ll be revealing and reviewing something new everyday. Hopefully this will be of some interest to those of you reading!

[12/31/2015 – Edited to Add]

Here are all the articles, for your reading pleasure!

  1. Sailor Moon Christmas Roulette
  2. Sailor Moon Finger Puppets
  3. Sailor Moon Dress-Up Magnets
  4. Sailor Moon Sand Art
  5. Sailor Moon Cube Puzzle
  6. Usagi Dress-Up Doll
  7. Sailor Moon Paper Playset
  8. Pin the Tail on the Usagi
  9. Early Sailor Moon Puzzle
  10. Sailor Moon Picnic Set
  11. Sailor Moon Kisekae Dress-Up Book
  12. Sailor Moon Board Game

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